When women do not want children, they consider menstrual to be the best time. They think that there will be no danger of having sex without protection during these days, and they will not be pregnant.
In many cases, it has been observed that in the days of menstruation, some women became pregnant while having sex without protection, while they did not have a baby plan. After that, when they did not have periods next time, they came to know about this.

Menstruation or periods are an event in which unborn eggs of women come out of their system, in which urinary lining is also released. This happens once a month for five days.

If the woman becomes pregnant during this period, she does not have periods and she remains closed till she is born. The question arises in such cases whether sex can be conceived in those days or not.

What is "secure window"? 
Every woman has a time in the month when she is completely safe, which is known as ovulation, it lasts only a few days in a month in which the woman is most fertile because she is released from egg and she Once the sperm is found, it can be fertile again.

Therefore, during menstruation, the fertilized eggs get out of the body and the window of the next ovulation opens to its body, which lasts for a few days. During this time, women are most likely to get pregnant.

However, in many cases it has also happened that even during the menstruation women did not have any problem even after having sex without contraception and they did not get pregnant. But this is not possible in every case. Many times the sperm stays alive in the womb for more than 5 days and later takes the shape of the embryo.

In such a case, if women want to have sex during their menstruation, make sure to use the detention because 10% of the chances are that they can become pregnant. Therefore, do not take risk if you do not want to be a baby.

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