Nowadays people like to go to the gym without going to the garden or lawn outside the home for exercise. Usually this is done so that the body can grow fast. While it is not so, many research suggests that by exercising some time in the park or on any green space, one can get rid of diabetes and all other diseases. This helps in keeping blood sugar balanced. Body and mind are both fit by exercising in the outdoor.

Benefits of Exercising in the Outer
1. Diabetics gradually affect every activity of the body. About 90 percent of people over the age of 15 in Canada in 2013 thought that their stress levels were high.
2. The survey said that outdoor activities of youngsters are continuously decreasing, which is being reflected on their health. If 20-25 minutes can be extracted for outdoor exercises throughout the day, it will not only reduce the disease but also increase the level of strength and efficiency.
3. Some scientists of London also claim that spending just 5 minutes with nature can solve mood swings. If the time is short then sit in the morning tea lawn, balcony or terrace and drink it. This will give you energy to work throughout the day.

4. Nature changes every moment. Living between different climates and temperature, the body is ready to face weather-related challenges. Therefore, taking a break between engagement, spending some moment with nature not only breaks monotony but concentration also increases in day-to-day activities.
5. Research suggests that those who include outdoor exercises in their fitness routines, they stay away from boredom and they have more benefits of exercise. The reason for this - seeing the different scenes, flora and fauna and listening to their voices increases the attachment towards life.
6. Nature also reduces the anxiety and stress of the mind, which increases the ability to exercise. By exercising in fresh air the lungs get oxygen, which makes finding difficult workouts like cycling, running and hiking.

7. If you are bored by exercising at the gym or at home, then try outdoors for two days a week. Fresh air and sunlight will give respiration and strengthen the bones.
8. Recently, the researches and surveys currently show that there is a shortage of vitamin D in 8-10 hours people who work in artificial light. Due to this, diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer are flourishing. At least 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning is necessary for the body. If you want to avoid problems of bone in growing age, then take out Sunshine vitamins. Only such people can not exercise in the sun, who have photosyncity.
9. Outdoor sports and activities strengthen the different muscles of the body. Like running on a trail running or hiking treadmill is more difficult than running. Ankle, knees and joints benefit mainly, especially in uncomfortable places.
10. Walking, running, or yoga in the park increases social status. The experience world grows on meeting many people. Nowadays, many parks have yoga classes, health checkups, or many other activities. Apart from this, there are many fun activities on the weekend. Improve your health by getting information about what's going on nearby.

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