Do you also think that why the person you like on the dating website why you reject or why you do not see your profile. With the development of time and usage of the Internet, it is easier and better to connect with or interact with anyone in the world. But why does it happen that the person with whom we want to join does not get involved? Why do we reject that, we think that they are the perfect match for us?

There are some basic things that a girl sees on a dating website in someone's profile, and in the same way the boys also see certain things in the profile of girls. Everybody uploads their best picture on the dating website, but many times it is rejected by those people, which we consider to be our perfect match. Many studies are going on in this and many such studies have been published, which are based on this theory in particular.

Think about your profile and your selection options on the dating website. Let's say that you chose many people but still there was no sign of the match. In such a situation, you might think that where you are making a mistake, you can not get a single match and your friends are showing interest in many people in their profile. You try to know what is the reason behind this rejection?

Once you know the reasons behind these rejections, you will be able to make your profile in such a way that someone swipe your profile and show interest in you. Although the reason is simple but there are some tricks too.

So let's know what are the reasons why your profile on the dating website is rejected by most people.

1. You look like a relative, friend or former partner:
This is the most common reason to reject your profile that you look like someone close to that person, and do not want to swipe to the right and move on. If your profile reminds a person, then on most occasions, your profile will be rejected.

2. Just having a picture in the profile: If you have just put one photo in your profile, then no one will swipe you properly. There will be very few people who will show interest in your profile, even if you are good luck. By putting a photo in the profile on the dating website, others feel that you are not much interested. You have just created such a profile and therefore they also ignore your profile.

3. You are not smiling in your photos: If you are not smiling in the photos uploaded in the profile, then the chances of your rejection can be increased. Because such pictures, people like you look like monotonous or criminal Remember that you are searching a match for yourself on the related dating website. If you do not show yourself happy and energetic in your photos, then no one will swipe your picture.Psychology has some basic principles and it says that a smiling photo shows the truth, while you show your art in a made picture. Sometimes you do not smile because you feel that you are not attractive looking smiling but it gets reversed for you. Because when you are not comfortable with yourself then someone will show interest in your picture.

4. Write about yourself: Why would someone swipe about your picture without knowing anything about you? Therefore, it is necessary to fill the bio on the dating website and tell about yourself. Write about all the things you think about yourself that you should know who sees your profile. If you do not do this then surely people will be less interested in your profile.

5. Having your bio-data in one line: If you define yourself in one-line, make sure that it should actually be crisp and intrst. But many times people do not write it correctly and their ideas of defining themselves in one line are reversed.Remember, matching is a kind of psychology and you can not affect the psychology of another person in one line and you have to take the pain of the regression. Keep in mind that the 'One liner' cache should be attractive and if you can not write it then it is better to leave the idea. Remember that a dating profile can present a bi-dimensional image of a man or woman. Therefore, do not give up and make your profile better and interesting to find your perfect match.

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