• Instead of eating more at one time, eat a little 4-5 times a day.
  • Do not forget to take breakfast in the morning; it keeps you energized throughout the day.
  • Include up to 500 extra calories per day in regular calories.
It is a good thing to keep your body slim and fit. But when the leanness exceeds the extent it becomes a cause of embarrassment. Many people are so upset with their leanness that they can not wear their favorite clothes. Not only girls, but some boys are so thin that all the bones and nerves in their body are visible.Therefore, too much leanness, like obesity, becomes a curse for human beings. To increase weight, workout as much as necessary and workout in the gym is as important as taking a healthy and balanced diet.
However, it is not easy to increase weight even if it is seen as weight loss. For this, you need to make changes to your lifestyle. Today, where most people are sweating to lose their body weight, there are still some people who are struggling to gain weight. Some people feel embarrassed in front of people because of losing weight. In such a situation, they need some solutions that they can increase their weight.In such a way, today we are telling you an item of weight gain which is truly beneficial. The name of this thing is soybean. Yes, are you listening right? Soybean is such a thing which is very cheap in price and is very expensive to make use.

Build The Health in 10 Rupess
  • Soybean, which is available at affordable prices, is very beneficial in terms of health.
  • Soybean can be consumed in both vegetable and salad forms.
  • Soybeans are also found in the market. You can also consume them.
  • If you have any kind of health problem, then take it after the doctor's advice.
  • Soya bean intake is very important in the dinner. Which may have an effect on the digestion process.
  • If you wish, you can also eat soya bean in a pure country by roasting it in ghee.
  • Eat soyabean vegetables in a snack or lunch.
This dish also enhances the weight
Chana, soybean and milk are things that are not less than boon for weight gain. You can also increase the weight by mixing these three too quickly. By eating these 3 things, the weight of the thin-thinner person will increase in one month. The first thing to gain weight is chana. Chana contains a large amount of protein. Which gives energy to the body in abundance. In addition soybean is also a good source of protein. But apart from the protein, it also contains potassium and iron.At the same time there are all kinds of vitamins and fat in the milk that work to gain weight. When you consume these three things together, the body gets enough energy. And when these energy can not be used by the body then the fat starts accumulating around the waist, which increases the weight.

Exercise is also helpful
  • You can push-up to increase weight. Push ups only strengthen the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms etc. But it also increases the weight of the muscles of other parts of the body like the waist, abdomen. This is a very normal exercise that you can do easily and anywhere.
  • By exercising squats, the muscles of your thighs are strong and the body is also fit. Stand upright to do this, then put both of your hands on the front. Then bend down, while bending down your hands should move towards the top. Repeat this verb.
  • Cicar abs can strengthen your feet muscles. Lie down on the ground to do this, now place your hands with your waist, then lift your legs upwards, now take one leg down. Do the activities like running scissors from the feet.
  • To do the casket, lie down on the ground by straight up the mouth, keep your head weight on both hands and lift it upwards. Bring the legs slightly upwards and move the parts of the waist forward with the help of hands, it strengthens the stomach, spinal cord, and leg muscles. Bicycling can also do Kanchech.
  • Dip your Trips and strengthen your shoulders and back and increase their weight. To do this, use a chair or a low-level table, the height of the table should not be more than a single fit. To do this, put both hands on your table and keep the whole body weight on your hands and move from top to bottom.

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