If you are thinking that there is such a trick, then it is not possible to get your hair overnight. Yes, it is of course that if a little bit of work is done for the care of the hair, the hair increases more than the normal condition and remains healthy.

Experts say if healthy hair grows up to half an inch in a month, but if the hair is not healthy then this growth can also be lower. Making your hair healthy is most important to your diet.

Your hair gets nourishment from what you eat, so the better diet is very important. Include vitamins, zinc, sulfur and fibrous foods in your diet. Also add about 8 to 10 glasses of water essentially in daily routine.

What to do (Tips for hair growth Faster)

  • For the good growth of hair, it is necessary that once a week, massage the scalp with lukewarm oil once a week. It keeps blood circulation well which is extremely important for Hair Growth and healthy hair.
  • Make hair comb twice a day for 3 times. There is also a wrong effect on hair because of more combing or not combing properly. Hair starts to fall and hair growth stops.
  • As you go out of the house, save hair from the sun like your skin. Insert umbrella or wear scarf or cap.
  • Take Vitamin A, B, and E as well as other essential nutrients. Diet is most effective for hair growth.
  • Take good sleep, it is a sign of good health. If you stay healthy then hair growth will also be good.
  • Use hair mask once a week. This gives hair the essential nutrients which is essential for good growth of hair.
For Hair Growth

Methi (Fenugreek) - 
Soak fenugreek seeds in water throughout the night and make a paste in the morning. Place this paste on the hair like haystack.

Banana - 
Apply banana like a mask in the hair, this mask also shows magical effect on hair.

Curry Leaves - 
Grind curry leaves like a sauce and apply them on the hair. Curry leaves are very effective for healthy hair.

eggs can also be prepared with hair and banana mixed in the white part of the egg.

Note- If you do not have time to prepare a pack at home then there are also many types of readymade herbal hair packs or masks available in the market. You can also use them.

Do not do (Tips to prevent Hair Fall) -
  • Do not shampoo everyday. Washing the hair twice a week is enough, too, from a mild or herbal shampoo. Hair is more rustic than the shampoo and the Moistcher is essential for hair.
  • Save hair with chlorine or salt water If you swim, then wear the cap. This water also makes hair stiff, which can cause breakage problems in the hair.
  • Do not comb the wet hair. It causes the hair to stretch and the hair follicle too weak. Which affect hair growth.
  • It is true that triming makes the hair healthy but it increases hair, it is wrong. So do not even trigger more than necessary. From this, only two months of hair fall out of which hair tips are handy.
  • Never take stress. If you stay in stress then your hair will never grow.

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