Younger children often shrink noses and mouths into eating healthy things. Children like to eat sweet, spicy and spicy things, but these things affect their health. In this way a lot of parents are often upset about how to feed their healthy diet so that they are healthy. Most parents often complain that, "Our children do not only eat green vegetables and fruits but they always like things like pizzas-burgers and noodles."If your child has some similar food hibits, then let's tell you how you can give them a good diet.

Why Children Promise Unbloodly Foods
It is wrong to blame children for such habits. Nowadays, the atmosphere around them is such that people see celebration with junk and unhygienic food. For example, there is a perception that there can not be a party without a pizza, non-veg and soft drinks. In such a situation, when most children start seeing such an environment from the beginning, they get addicted to these foods. In most fastfoods, oil spices are used more often, due to which they appear to be tested. This is also one of the reasons that children like to eat homemade food.

What can parents do
If there is a children's party at home, then instead of soft drink, give fresh juice, always have a healthy option at lunch or dinner at home, for example, in breakfast, serve baked or steamed dishes instead of fried things, and eat the same yourself .

Do not overpower
Often parents threaten them not to eat fast food in a hurry to give them a healthy diet. While never having fast food with children. When the child insists on eating burgers, pizzas, ice cream, etc. the parents absolutely forbid them. It is not good to do this. You can tell children about problems caused by eating fast food but never make them clear. This will give you a great feeling for them.

Mix Flavors In Milk
If your child does not drink milk, then mix them with flavors in milk and drink them. Mix chocolate powder or almond paste in the milk instead of paratha and white bread in morning snack or tiffin. This will also bring children to taste and also nourish their body. If you give it to the children once, then the children will ask themselves for the same milk from next time.

Fry green vegetables by making a dish
If you are thinking that your child is not just a green vegetable account, how will you feed him? So understand that you do not have to make green vegetables for your children, but you have to make a dish made from it. Children have to make any dish made with green vegetables. You can feed green vegetables like pakodas, potato stuffed parathas and salads.

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