In pregnancy, women should pay special attention to their eating and drinking because the food they take directly affects their infant. You should eat and drink more nutritious things during pregnancy, so that you and your baby stay healthy. You will feel very healthy with the use of fresh fruit juices in pregnancy. Doctors also advise pregnant women to drink a glass of juice every day.Women get vitamins and minerals. If you do not want to eat the fruit then you can take the juice, from this also you will get all the nutrients that meet the fruit. Apart from this, avoid cold drinks during pregnancy as it contains chemicals. Instead you can take fruit juice.

Apple juice
It is beneficial to take apple juice in pregnancy. It contains iron which is essential for the pregnant woman and her baby. Iron is needed to make hemoglobin. Pregnant women require 50 percent more blood than normal women, hence the need for iron also increases.

Orange juice
Vitamin C is obtained by drinking orange and seasonal juice during pregnancy, which helps in developing the muscular muscles and cells. Apart from this the baby also protects from infection. Doctors also advise women to drink orange juice because it is a good source of folic acid. This prevents the baby against birth related problems. Iron deficiency in pregnant women can be a great danger to the baby. Therefore, during this time they are advised to eat iron-rich items.

Cranberry juice
Eating of cranberry in pregnancy is nutritious. In cranberry juice, it is consumed with water and sugar. It is very healthy for pregnant women. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and vitamin C which is very beneficial in pregnancy.

Grape juice
If you want a healthy baby then drink grapes juice, it contains antioxidant and gives your body nourishment so that your child is healthy. By drinking grape juice in pregnancy, your child is well developed and you can drink the grapes juice by mixing it with water and some other fruit juice. This gives you the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

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