What is Hair Spa, how to do it at home and benefits Tips for Hair Spa at Home

If you want to keep your hair healthy, hair spa is a good option for you. Because Hair Condition is treated in keeping with the condition of hair.

Hair Spa is such a treatment, for which you do not have to spend too much money and get rid of all hair problems easily.

Scalp Treatment, Dandruff, Rubbing Hair Treatment is done in the hair spa, apart from the use of polushions, hairdryers and chemical products, etc., daily hair loss, in which the hair is thin, having two faces and lifeless.

What is Hair Spa
  • Hair spa is a special treatment for hair. In this, massage, cream, machine and hair mask are used.
  • Before hair spas in the hair, it is taken care of what is the texture of your hair, it is oily, roughened, or is struggling with any other problem.
  • Hair is shampooed before doing any treatment for hair spa.
  • Due to sweating in the hair and dirt on them, there are problems like scarring, scratches, and hair fall. Such hair, according to their texture, is selected for cremation and about 45 minutes of massage is given.
  • After this the machine is given ultraviolet range on hair, arms and back, this eliminates bacteria in the hair and other skin parts of the body also feel comfortable on the head.
  • After this the hair is softened by the crosstick machine, then the hair construction machine is used.
  • After this hair is washed with shampoo again. If the hair is not too damaged then it is enough to take this treatment once a month, if there is a problem in the hair, take treatment twice a week.
  • Hair masks are also very important in Hair Spa. It specializes in this process. The amount of cream is taken specially in this mask.
  • During the rainy days, the quantity of things in the cream is increased, which works to remove moisture.

When should you have a spa

  • When there are many problems in the hair such as hair drying, two mouths, dizziness and lifelessness, besides, when the hair becomes rusty or too much oily and even dandruff, it is very beneficial to take a hair spa is. like-
If yes dry hair
  • It is a deep conditioning treatment, if your hair is stiff and lifeless, take it once a week, otherwise it is enough twice a month.
  • Take olive oil to spas at home only. Wash the hair with warm water and massage the oil with light hands and oil well in the entire head. After this, wrap the hair with a plastic bag and leave it for half an hour. After this, insert the hair mask.
How to make hair masks
  • Take an egg, a spoon castor oil, a lemon juice, a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of gulersrin to make hair masks. Mix these things well with the aggbitter. Put this mixer on the hair for one hour and wear plastic shower cap.
  • For making a hair mask, make a ripe banana, two spoonful of mayonnaise, a spoonful honey paste, and leave it for 25 minutes and wash the head with lukewarm water, it will make the hair soft.
If You Are Damaged Hair
  • Using hair color, hair rollers, perming and other chemicals harm the hair. This problem can be overcome in some seating by giving a defraser, hair mask and oil treatment through Hair Spa.
How To Do Hair Spa at Home 
Things to use
  • Shampoos, towels, wide-toothed combs and hair-conditioning kits.
  • If you want to do hair spa at home. First of all, massage the olive oil with lukewarm oil and then give the hair steam. Wash the hair with mild shampoo after ten minutes of steam, then apply hair spa cream in the hair and massage it well and after some time wash the hair with water.
  • Take care to use shampoo only after 48 hours of using Hair Spa Cream.
  • Hair Expert reported that only 80 percent of the hair should dry after combing. The use of the dryer in the hair should be minimized so that the hair is less broken.

Create the atmosphere for the spa
  • To relax yourself, you have to create the right atmosphere of the spa. During this time you keep the mobile locked so no one will disturb you.
  • Keep a little light to maintain good atmosphere and play light music.
  • Use candles, burn candles by lighting the lights around the bathtub while preparing the spa.
  • You can use fragrance candles.
  • Get help from the partner and make a gentle massage of oil in the head. But in the meantime you should not talk to each other, but the atmosphere should be completely peaceful.
The benefits of the spa include hair spa

  • All kinds of natural things are used in the spa. In this massage, a special type of pressure is applied to the masals, which also protects us from many diseases related to the head, along with physical and mental health as well as elimination of stress and fatigue.
  • Nowadays the trend of color therapy has increased tremendously. According to this, all the diseases and problems are due to the imbalance of the colors present in our body and the spas pay great attention to these.
  • By the way, spa sessions include steps such as detoxification, relaxation, healing and balanceing, stimulation.

Precautions while going to the spa center

  • Choose a good spa center for yourself, who has done a course related to it or has complete knowledge, otherwise by pressing the wrong place while doing massage, you can also fight with any other problem.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene are taken care of in your parlor, or else it will be your problem.
  • If you are allergic to any particular oil or cream, tell it first so that it can be used less.
  • It is also not good to have a very quick spas, so then when you need it or if you have a time for your spa sitting then spas.
  • It is good to have a spa center near home, because it takes time to get it done or take a little time to come, if there is a tension to go home early then do not come, because it will not allow you to relax in a calm and stressless mind and its The effect will be on your spa treatment.

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