In children's body it is very important to immunize vaccines for immunization, which increases the ability of fighting the body's disease. Immunization also prevents many active diseases in children. In order to protect against six serious killer infectious diseases such as measles, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis, halitosis, pimples and hepatitis B, children should have vaccinations at the right time.

Should you get vaccine during cold winter?
Many times the doctors refuse to be vaccinated when cold, so ask the physician once you have such a situation. Usually, children suffer from cold fever because their immune system is very low. But if the child's fever is not good for 2 days, contact the doctor immediately.

Why vaccination is necessary
Immunization is extremely important before and during pregnancy. Some infections cause diseases that can cause great harm to both pregnant and infant. Do not take any criticism without consulting the doctor. Consult the doctor before pregnancy. Women and children remain healthy, for this, some vaccinations are necessary before pregnancy, otherwise complications can occur. At the same time, pregnant women are also protected from tetanus by installing tetanus vaccine and newborn infants.

Baby's first vaccine
The first vaccine that occurs after the birth of a child is done by the BCG, which should be given between the birth of the child to two weeks. Although doctors consider mother's milk as the first vaccine for the newborn. According to them, as soon as the newborn is born, the mother will be fed milk, the child will stay away from the same diseases. Dasal, mother's milk works as an antibiotic. If you want the newborn to have no infection, you should give the mother's milk within half an hour of her birth.

Baby massage is essential
Massage should start from 20 days after the birth of the baby. Remember the massage should be done with light hands and softly. On fast massage, the baby's muscles can stretch and its soft bones can also be broken. During the winter season, the baby's massage should be done in the sunlight, so that their body can get vitamin D. Use Vitamin 'D' and 'E' oil for massage on the advice of the doctor.

These vaccines are essential for infants

  • Prevent pregnant women and infants from fetus to avoid tetanus disease Litetensacaxide 1 / booster vaccine second vaccine on one month's difference. But if there are two vaccines in the last three years, it is enough to get only one vaccine.
  • Polio vaccine, which means polio vaccine, provides protection against polio (in which the children are crippled). These vaccinations are also given to children inevitably.
  • The vaccine of BCG is essentially mandatory for immunization of the child from TB. B.C.G. After getting the vaccine, it protects the baby against TB disease.
  • Hepatitis B virus infection leads to liver inflammation, Jaundice, and long term infection can also lead to lever cancer risk. This vaccine of hepatitis B prevents infection with hepatitis B.
  • DPT (DTP and DTwP) have a range of combined vaccines, which are given to prevent humans from infecting three infectious diseases. This vaccination prevents severe infections like diphtheria (glagotu), cooker cough and tetanus.
  • HB vaccine vaccine protects the children from glaucoma, black cough, tetanus, hepatitis B and H Inflangy-B. This vaccine is given under neonatal vaccination. Hib bacterial infections can lead to fatalities like neurophilia and meningitis.

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