High blood pressure in pregnancy can cause priclapsia, these are symptoms and defenses

Quick Bites:
  • A large part of the urban population suffers from high blood pressure problem
  • Try to avoid stress and anger situations. In pregnancy
  • Estrogen hormonal secretion occurs very quickly in women's body.
Nowadays, a large portion of the urban population suffers from high blood pressure problem. Often people ignore it as a minor problem related to modern lifestyle, but it can prove to be harmful to their health. People think that medicines are normal by taking a little care and then it is okay otherwise there is no problem. Earlier, high blood pressure was thought to be a merge of growing age, but nowadays due to stressful lifestyles, symptoms of youth have also started to appear.

What is the problem

Actually high blood pressure is not a disease in itself, but it is a physical condition that can lead to heart disease, diabetes and kidney related diseases later. In the human body the network of blood vessel tubes spread. Working like a heart pump works through the tubes to transmit blood to all parts of the body. This is a normal physical process, but the problem arises when pressure increases on the blood vessel ducts due to high fluctuations. With this, their inner walls seem shrinking. This condition is called high blood pressure. Many times the heart rate of the heart is also high in the state of rakhiwala tubes have to bear the pressure of the flow of blood.
High blood pressure in pregnancy can cause priclapsia, these are symptoms and defenses

In this situation, increasing blood pressure is called hypertension. The normal systolic level (maximum limit) of any individual's blood pressure should be 110 to 120 and diastolic level (minimum limit) should be 70 to 80. If a person has a maximum blood pressure limit of more than 140 and the minimum threshold is more than 90, then it is called pre-hypertension phase. If this is the case, then the person should be cautious about his health.

What is the reason
  • Poor eating habits such as ghee-oil, fast / junk food, soft drinks, alcohol and cigarettes are consumed in large amounts.
  • Decreased physical activities due to increasing dependence on modern equipment.
  • Obesity means that due to over obesity, the harmful cholesterol LDL deposits in the wall within the blood vessel tubes of the people, then the blood vessels become harder than the outside and narrower from the inside, making it easier to prevent obstruction of blood flow. Hart has to work harder in keeping it, whose outcome comes in the form of high blood pressure.
  • Blood pressure tissues also shrink and blood pressure increases due to excessive consumption of salt.
Major signs
  • Irritability
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness and restlessness
  • Unnecessary fatigue
  • Breath flowing over the stairs
  • bleeding nose
  • Decrease in memory
What is the loss

Since high blood pressure affects the blood vessels of the ducts and these blood vessels are present in our whole body. That is why it brings with it many serious health problems. Because of this, there may be serious health problems like brain hemorrhage, paralysis, heart attack, kidney failure and diabetes. Apart from this, during pregnancy, some women get estrogen hormonal secretion very fast, and this increases the risk of some women with blood pressure. If this occurs during pregnancy, such a condition is called prechlampsia. Apart from this, due to menopause, hormonal imbalance increases the risk of high blood pressure in women.
High blood pressure in pregnancy can cause priclapsia, these are symptoms and defenses

What is the rescue
  • Regularly check BP.
  • Stay away from smoking and alcohol.
  • Make more than enough quantity of ghee-oil-made items, non-veg, junk food, chocolate, cake-pastries and sweets. Jada sugar also increases BP.
  • Do not consume more than 5 grams of salt every day.
  • Walk regularly to exercise and mornings.
  • Controlled Catering and Regulatory Exercise Control Weight Consumption
  • If Sleep Apnea is a problem of insomnia, treat it as soon as possible, because the high BP medicines on those people are affected very late.
  • Try to stay away from tea and coffee.
  • If you have been a family history, then after the age of 50, without any signs, get your routine checkup done by General Physician once a year.
  • Eight hours of sleep per day.
  • Patients with high blood pressure should regularly check their blood pressure during the winter season because the metabolic rate of the body increases naturally to cope with the cold in this season. In such a case, the heart has to work harder and it also increases the person's blood pressure.
  • High BP patients must consult the doctor at every two-month intervals.
  • For high blood pressure patients, eco tests, abdominal ultrasound and urine tests are also important.
  • Spending more time with new applications of internet and mobile is also the main reason for high blood pressure, because it hinders the regular routine of the person. So spend the same time with these things as much as it is necessary.
  • Try to avoid stress and anger situations. This increases blood pressure.
  • Regular consumption of medicines for people suffering from high blood pressure problem is very important.
  • Some people have a misunderstanding that side effects may be due to medication. Therefore, they leave the medicine in the middle, doing so may cause many problems. Therefore, take regular medicines.
Make sure to eat them
  • Nutrients such as iron, potassium and magnesium are found in abundance in spinach and green leafy vegetables, which prove to be helpful in controlling enlarged blood pressure.
  • Plenty of potassium and magnesium, including soluble fiber, are found in legumes like loji, soybean and rajma (beans). Therefore, consuming them proves to be beneficial for heart health while controlling blood pressure.
  • Potassium and sodium intake are essential for maintaining balance in the body. Therefore, consumption of boiled potatoes is also beneficial for those who do not have diabetes problems.
  • If there is no diabetes problems, consuming potassium rich in potassium with breakfast every morning is the easiest way to keep blood pressure balanced.
  • Garlic contains such cholesterol content, which keeps blood pressure balanced.
  • Regular consumption of green tea also controls high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D present in milk is helpful in controlling increased blood pressure, but excessive fat intake can increase cholesterol levels. Therefore, instead of full cream, always eat low fat milk.
  • The amount of cholesterol and fat in curd is not equal to no. Therefore its regular intake also maintains the balance of blood pressure.
  • Walnuts and almonds are also helpful in reducing weight with high blood pressure control.

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