Leukemia is the cancer of white blood cells. White blood cells help fight your body in transition. As your blood cells in your bone marrow In leukemia, bone marrow produces abnormal white blood cells. These cells are rushing out of healthy blood cells, making blood difficult for them to do their job.

Different types of leukemia are included
• Acute lymphocytic leukemia
• Acute myeloid leukemia
• Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
• Chronic myeloid leukemia

Leukemia can develop quickly or gradually. Chronic leukemia gradually grows. In acute leukemia, the cells are very unusual and their number increases rapidly. Adults can also get type; The most frequent type of problem with leukemia in children is. Some leukemia can often be cured. Others are working hard to treat, but you can often control them. Treatment and chemotherapy, radiation may include cell transplantation stem. Even if the symptoms disappear, you may need medical attention to stop a fall.

Symptoms of leukemia 

Now that you are aware of this, leukemia is also a type of blood cancer. Hence its symptoms are similar to that of blood cancer. Although the symptoms of this disease can be easily identified by diagnosis, but like all diseases, there are also common symptoms of this disease, which indicate signs of leukemia such as –

• Infections in early symptoms such as frequent fever,
• In the early stages the patient gets severe fever, which can
   happen repeatedly.   
• Nasal bleeding from the gums of the nose and teeth. 
• Excessive fatigue to the patient. 
• Decreasing disease resistance. 
• Randomly depleted platelets.
• To become anemia.
• Headache, which is recurrent.
• Swelling in body parts.
• Repeated gilts.
• Loss of the patient suddenly or at fast speed.
• Having liver related problems along with all these 

However, for complete diagnosis of the disease, leukemia can be easily detected with therapeutic examination and diagnosis methods.

Causes of leukemia
The main reason for this disease is still unknown, but it should be noted that this disease is in fact an incurable disease of the cells in which the number of white blood cells continues to increase indefinitely. All of you will know that when there is an infection in the body, the immune system of the body acts by fighting with the development of white blood cells, which is the natural reaction of the body to fight any disease.

But in this disease, the number of these white blood cells begins to grow randomly for no reason. The possible causes of leukemia can be low -
  • Smoking can be one of the reasons for smoking. Healthy cells of smoking people are affected by nicotine, which causes many diseases.
  • People living in more contact with chemicals and pesticides are more prone to blood cancer.
  • People living in contact with radioactive waves can also be suffering from leukemia. Staying in touch with rapid radiation can be considered as a major cause of blood cancer. 
  • This disease can also disturb the persons on the basis of genetic material. Those who have a history of leukemia in their family, are more prone to suffering from this disease. 
  • Individuals with unhealthy lifestyle also have the risk of suffering from leukemia.
Types of leukemia

Although there are many types of this disease, but we will talk about the two major types here. These types are more common. 
1. Acute leukemia / acute leukemia 
2. Long leukemia / Chronic Leukemia

Acute leukemia 

These types of leukemia tend to be higher in younger children, but this does not mean that elderly and elderly can not. This type of leukemia can also occur in elderly and elderly but its cases are rarely seen. This type of leukemia starts suddenly, with fever, whitishness and prapurea. It can be seen from all the normal symptoms of severe anemia, with bleeding from the nose or mouth, decreased fatigue and physical strength. When the patient's blood is examined with a microscope, excessive increase of white blood cells in the blood and immature of the cells can be seen.

Chronic Leukemia 
This type of leukemia can be seen more in prophylaxis. This long myeloid leukemia gradually increases with anemia and fatigue. In this disease, the spleen increases so much that it causes abdominal pain (abdominal pain) and indigestion.
The disease is confirmed by blood test. If the calculation of white blood cells increases by more than 200000, most of the blood cells are abnormal polymerpneucules.

Leukemia treatment or treatment methods
Treatment of cancer  types is the treatment of the most complex blood cancer, because many types of complex procedures have to be taken for the treatment of blood cancer. Well there are many treatments available for this disease. Such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy, surgery and bone marrow transplant etc.

In all these treatments, Bon Marrow transplant is considered as the most trusted treatment. Apart from this, the methods of treatment depend on the condition of the disease and the age and condition of the patient. 

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