The problem of weakness in men is common nowadays due to this part race and stressful life and untimely and unhygienic food. Impotence, dream loss, metal defects etc. are such problems that affect marital life very much. Due to unhealthy eating habits or nutrients in the body or other bad habits, males are at a disadvantage of weakness or weakness. Today we are going to tell you the very simple home remedies that you can get rid of this problem very soon.
25.Gooseberry- Mix 2 teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder with a small spoonful of dried Gooseberry powder and one spoonful of pure honey twice a day. Using it, sex power will gradually increase. Gooseberry is very beneficial in this type of trouble. So take a powder of dry Gooseberry powder in the night and fill the water in it. After getting up in the morning, mix turmeric in this water and drink and filter. Grind mishri gram in Gooseberry's powder. After this, take a spoonful of this mixed powder before sleeping on a daily basis. After that drink a little water. Those who have a problem of excessive swelling, they should eat mashed jaggery every day.

24.Apple - Put as much cloves as you can in an apple. Take a nice big lemon of this kind. As much as possible, put cloves and keep both fruits in a vessel for a week. After one week, take out cloves from both fruits and keep them in separate bottles. On the first day, take two cloves of lemon finely and eat it with goat milk. Change this way to 2-2 cloves for 40 days. This is a very simple way to increase sex ability in a way.

23.Make powder of Ashwagandha-Ashwagandha powder by adding 100-100 grams of powdered almonds, and Bidiqand. The powder should take half a teaspoon of milk in the morning and evening. This mixture makes the semen stronger, reducing the problem of premature ejaculation.

22.Dry Ginger - Make 4 grams dry ginger, 4 grams of gum paste, 2 grams of akarka, 28 grams of pippi and 30 grams of black sesame seeds together and crushed and finely made of powder. Drink a glass of hot milk from the top by taking half a teaspoon of powders while sleeping at night. This panacea removes the body's weakness and increases sex power.

21.Oregano - soak 100 grams of oats in white onion juice and dry it. After drying, dry it again on the onion juice and dry it. Do this three times in this way. After that, rinse it and fill it in a bottle. Mix half a teaspoon of this powder with a spoonful of grated sugar candy and eat it. Then drink hot milk from above. Use this mixture for nearly a month. During this time, sexual intercourse should not be done at all. This is the best way to increase sex potential.

20.Chhothare- Four-five mills, two-three cashews and two almonds should be taken at 300 grams milk, boiling well and cooking two spoonfuls of sugar candy and taking it every night at bedtime. It increases sexual desire and working power.

19.Carrot - Take 1 kg of carrot, 400 grams of sugar, 250 grams of Khao 250 grams, 500 grams of milk, 10 grams of curryed coconut, 10 grams of raisins, 10 finely chopped 10-15 grams, one silver work and 4 spoons of land ghee. Grate the carrots and put it in a pan and cook it. Once the water is dry, add milk, sugar and sugar in it and keep it running with a spoon. When all this mixture is thick, add coconut, raisins, almonds and cashew nuts to it. When it becomes thick, put the country ghee on the plate and remove the halwa on the plate and put silver work on top. This pudding should be eaten by four to four teaspoons morning and evening and drink milk from above. It enhances the body and strengthens the body. This also increases sex power.

18.Tamarind- Take half a kilo tamarind seed and make two parts. Soak these seeds in water for three days. After that, take out the peels and throw them out and grind white seeds in the margarine and grind them. Then add half a kilo pea mishri in a wide bottle of glass with open mouth. Take half a spoon with milk in the morning and in the evening. In this way, this remedy increases the ability of early fall of semen and sexual intercourse.

17.Cowdle Seed- Make 100 grams confectionery seeds and 100 grams of Talamkhana by grinding powder and then mix 200 grams of sugar candy in it. Mix half a teaspoon of milk in light hot milk and drink it daily. By drinking this, semen gets thicker and the nomination goes away.

16.Chobchini- Make 100 gram seeds of talamkhane, 100 grams of chombele, 100 grams of gheka, 100 grams of gluten and 250 grams of sugarcane by making powder powder. Eat at least 4 spoons of cream in a spoonful of powder daily in the morning. This mixture eliminates diseases such as sexual inferiority, renunciation and early fall of semen.

15.Onions- Mix half a spoonful of white onion juice, half a teaspoon honey and half a teaspoon of mishri powder and take it in the morning and evening. This mixture is very useful for removing semen pollination. Mix white onion juice with ginger juice and mix it with the amount of five to five grams of pure honey and the country ghee, mix it together for one month with morning law and gain See, there is an unprecedented increase in sexual capacity.

14.Dhaka- Fry 100 grams of dhaka gum on the pan. Then roast 100 gram Talamakhan with ghee. After that, take two teaspoons finely and eat it with milk for two to three hours before eating it in the morning and evening. After a few days, the thinness of the semen goes away and the sex capacity increases very much.

13.Add nutmeg - 15 grams nutmeg, 20 grams hingul bhash, 5 grams akarkara and 10 grams of saffron and grind them finely. After this, mix honey with it in the Imamadaste. After that make small pills equal to gram. Take 2 of the first 2 tablets with thick milk to sleep daily on the night. This eliminates the laxity of penis (penis) and eliminates nomination.

12.Cardamom - Take 2 grams powder of cardamom granules, 1 gram of javitri powder, 5 grams of almonds and 10 grams of sugar candy. Soak almonds in water at night and keep it in water. Grind it in the morning and make it like a paste. Then mix it with other substances and mix two spoons of butter in it. It enhances semen and enhances sex power by bringing strength in the body.

11.Tulsi- Make powder with 15 grams basil seeds and 30 grams of white mudsllee, then mix 60 grams of sugar candy in it and fill it in the vial. Take 5 grams of this powder with cow's milk in the morning and evening, it eliminates sexual impoverishment.

10.Garlic - Grind 200 grams of garlic and mix 60 grams of honey in a clean vial and place a lid and keep it in any grain for 31 days. Take it for 40 days in the amount of 10 grams after 31 days. It increases sexual power.

9.Turmeric - If the semen is more dilute then add one spoonful of turmeric powder in 1 teaspoon honey and eat it empty in the morning every morning. Its elaborate use increases the power of sexual intercourse.

8.Urad Dal - half a teaspoon urad dal and two to three soft buds of conch should be grinded to fine granary in the morning and evening. This remedy is quite beneficial. Taking this prescription regularly increases the power of sex.

7.Shankhuppi - 100 grams of Shankhupshi, 100 grams of Brahmin, 50 grams of uneven 50 grams, Taj 50 grams, 50 grams of Mulhati, 50 grams of satara and 50 grams of sugar, and 450 gram of sugar, by grinding fine powder by making grinded powder in the morning and evening in the amount of one spoon each. Should take. By consuming this powder for three months daily, strength of sex power comes in the form of night-fall (dream defect), weakness of semen and weakness of disease.

6.The seeds of Utsagan - Cook 6 grams of Utsagan seeds, 6 grams of Talam Khana and 6 grams of bunting in equal quantity and mix it in half a liter of milk. If the mixture is about half empty then let it cool down and let it cool down. Keep taking it on a daily basis for 21 days. It removes impotence (Namdhari) disease.

5.Buckle - Make powder by taking equal amounts of these five substances - dried amla, bunions, conch seeds, white muesli and gudiya sattva. Mix one spoon of ground ghee and one teaspoon powder in one spoon powder and take this mixture while sleeping at night. After this, drink a glass of hot milk. This powdered sex takes immense power in sex.

4.Banyan - Before sunset break the leaves of the banyan tree and eat 10-15 drops of milk out of it and eat it. Using it, your semen will also be formed and sex power will be more.

3.Ficus Religiosa- Make chutney with equal amount of Ficus Religiosa fruit and Ficus Religiosa soft root. 100 ml of this 2 teaspoon sauce Milk and 400 ml Mix it in water and cook until it is almost quartered. Then filter it and drink half cup in the morning and evening. Using it increases the power of semen and sex.

2.Triphala- One spoon of Triphala should be taken with 5 silk at bedtime and drink cold water from above. This powder strengthens the body by removing all kinds of diseases of the stomach, dream diarrhea and rapid drop of semen etc.

1.Make a fine powder by mixing white muesli - salam mishri, talamkhana, white muesli, corn seeds, bunions and isbagol - in equal amounts. Mixing sugar in this one spoon powder should be mixed with milk twice a day. It makes semen stronger and brings greater power to sex.

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