Increasing anger towards social media is now changing relationships and creating a crack in them. The number of people using such sites, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram, is constantly increasing. Today everyone has become so popular in the social media world that its impact has now become apparent in their relationships. Whether it is a partner or a family member, people now give more time than real life to the social media.

While busy on social media, nobody has time to talk to anyone. In this case, the partner is also there, so people are immersed in their online world. If you are also sitting with the family then there is a lot of fun in the social media. Have you ever wondered how your growing trend towards social media can be so fatal to your partner and close relationships

Among those who use social media, young people from adolescents are of all age groups. The direct impact of this online world is on your partner and your relationship. You may feel overwhelmed by hearing but a recent research claims to do something similar.

Side effects of social media

According to the report published in Plus One, if you are spending more time on social media than doing so, then your relationship has been adversely affected. Let's say this study has been completed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and University of Kansas.

Researchers have prepared this report while studying together with 5 studies. It has also been revealed in this report that due to the excess sharing of your relationships on social media, there may be cracks or problems coming or coming in your relationship. Studies have said that sharing your personal information on social media or sharing your personal information more often can make your perception in your partner's mind that they do not have significant value in your life. Because of this, your partner begins to feel lonely and this is one of the major reasons why the distance between the two begins to grow.

How to make Harmony

Let us know, this problem has also been addressed in this study. Researcher Omiri Gilath of the study says that if you write about your relationships instead of your personal information on social media, you will also make your partner a part of that post, so doing this can reduce bitterness in your relationships.

Not only this, as you reduce the distance between your partner, you can also come closer to each other. As you share relationship status with your partner on social media, if you can, you can share your photos with partner, tag it, it will make your relationships sweet and love will grow.

For information, please note that a study conducted earlier said that sharing of personal information has a positive effect on your offline relationship. However, for the first time in this new study, it has been studied about the effect on relationships due to social media.

Like every thing, social media also has two aspects. Experts say it depends on people how they use it, how and for how long. Any addiction addiction is not good. For instance, a person in Kolkata murdered his wife on the basis that he spent more time on social networking sites and could not pay attention to her husband because of this reason. Delhi High Court Judge Hima Kohli had recently said that due to lack of privacy of personal data in the days of social media, the beautiful bond of marriage is under threat. He said that because of the social media engagement, constant cultural values ​​and respect for the tourists are coming down.

So, if you want to make your relationship beautiful with your partner, then it is better to use social media in a manner that is in harmony with relationships. So share photos with a partner on social media, write good things about your relationship and build a healthy relationship.

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