In today's diseases, diabetes is one of the fastest and fastest cases of diabetes. It seems very common and small to hear the disease, in fact it is a very dangerous disease. This disease can make a victim of any age. This disease can happen to anyone from small children to elderly. If you talk about the causes of diabetes, then people think that only by eating more sweet, there is diabetes. While this is only myth. Actually, diabetes is a life-related disease. There are many reasons for this. Today we are telling you the 5 main causes of diabetes.

Bad Lifestyle Reason

Diseases are the most common due to poor lifestyle nowadays. Currently, the main cause of diabetes in children is their lifestyle and catering. At the same time, physically inactivity is also right for children to diabetes and moving forward. If you want you and your family to avoid diabetes, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Giving special priority to Exercise and Healthy Food.

Do not let the weight grow

Not eating on your schedule, eating too much junk food or increasing your obesity is also the main factor of diabetes. Your weight is very high, your BP is very high and cholesterol is not balanced even if you have diabetes. Due to eating too much sugary, regular eating out, drinking less water, not exercising, after eating, going to bed or sitting for long periods of time, etc. can also cause diabetes.
Reasons for Genetic
There is another reason for diabetes. It is also genetic. If there is any member of your family, parents, siblings, then in the future you also get the possibility of getting diabetes.

Insulin does not form

Only the cells or cells receive energy from the sugar provided by insulin. The cause of diabetes is low formation of insulin hormone. When insulin is less then the cells are not able to reach the cells properly and the energy of the cells starts decreasing and due to this, the body gets damaged. Problems like having unconsciousness, heart beatness, and so on.

Increasing sugar in the blood

Due to the low formation of insulin due to diabetes, the sugar becomes high in the blood because the body energy decreases due to the accumulation of sugar in the blood so that it is removed through the urine. Due to this, the patient comes to urine again and again.

Pancreatic gland is responsible

In fact, different types of hormones are released from the pancreatic gland, among which are insulin and glucone. Insulin is very useful for our body. In our blood through our insulin, our cells get sugar, i.e. insulin acts as a way to bring sugar to other parts of the body.

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