Regardless of how much hygiene you keep in your home, it is common to be mosquito in summer and rainy season. Although there are mosquitoes all the time, but mosquitoes are more in this season due to the presence of water and dirt and space. Thereby you and your younger child can have many diseases. Because small children's immune system is weak and they are more likely to get sick. It is important, therefore, that you pay special attention to the health of your young child and take some measures to avoid mosquitoes. Because bites of mosquitoes increase your risk of dangerous diseases like malaria, chikungunun, jaundice and dengue. You can also use a natural replant instead of a chemical in your home, the mosquito repellant, so that the mosquito will not be able to reach you and your baby. So let's know, what are the five things that will keep the mosquitoes away from you.

Garlic and Mint

The smell of garlic is a good way to keep mosquitoes away. These mosquitoes, who suck blood by eating a bud or clove of garlic, can be avoided. The smell of garlic can prevent mosquitoes from coming into the house. For this, grind some buds of garlic and boil them in water and then spray it in the entire house or room. By doing so mosquitoes will not be able to enter your home and you can save your children from mosquito bites. Apart from this, mosquitoes can be kept away from peppermint. Mudful oil is as effective as any pesticide. You can use peppermint leaves in a very quick way. You can apply mint oil on your own baby or on your own body, it will keep the mosquitoes away from the child. Apart from this, you can keep a mint plant near your window or door, or you can disperse mosquitoes by spraying the juice of mint leaves.


Basil plant is the effective medium to destroy mosquito larvae. According to Aryuvad, Basil is so beneficial, that keeping the plant near the window or door, mosquitoes can be dispersed away. This is a better way to keep mosquitoes away from your children. You can apply basil juice on your body or baby or you can spray it around the room.

Lemongrass, lemon and eucalyptus

Many times the options for healing and rescue of diseases are around you, but due to lack of information you can not use them. One of these options is lemongrass, which can be used to remove mosquitoes. Lemon grass is used as lemon tea. According to the Expert if you have a lemon grass plant in a pot or lane in your house, then mosquitoes do not break near you. This plant is also helpful in protecting diseases like malaria and dengue. Apart from this, you can sprinkle lemon juice and eucalyptus oil for mosquito repellent. You can put it in the hands and fill it in mosquito refill.

Azadirachta indica

Neem is very good for health and body. With healthcare, it helps save you and your child from mosquitoes. This is a mosquito killer. Applying neem oil on the body keeps mosquitoes away from you. By mixing coconut oil with neem, mosquitoes can be prevented from entering the house, this is an effective method.Mix cinnamon oil with neem oil and burn the lamp, its smell will keep the mosquito away from your child. It leaves a special smelling on your skin with an antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-virus agent, Hole, which keeps the mosquitoes. By applying the mixture of these two oils on the body, it at least protects your body from mosquitoes for at least eight hours.

Lavender Flowers & Tea Tree Oil

Along with lavender flowers being aromatic, it is also a good way to save mosquitoes. You can make mosquitoes unable to make this flower smell. For this, sprinkle Lavender oil in the room like a room freshener, this will not allow mosquito to enter the room. If you want, mix it with your cream and apply it on the skin. Apart from this, Tree Tea Oil is beneficial for protecting mosquitoes besides hair and skin. Due to its smelling and antibacterial properties it protects you from mosquitoes. If you rub the oil on the baby or on your skin or spray it around the room, this smelling keeps mosquitoes away from you.

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