Teenage pregnancy

Due to adolescent pregnancy, the possibility of having health problems in the newborn increases and many different types of losses occur due to adolescence during adolescence.
Teenagers may have to face many problems during pregnancy. It can be dangerous for both the child and the child to give birth to a child under the age of 19 years. One of the major causes of high maternal mortality and high infant mortality in our country, is to give pregnancy and child birth by the adolescent at an early age.
There are many disadvantages of conception in adolescence. During this pregnancy, care is not done properly! Let's know the difficulties related to teen pregnancy.

Trouble related to teen pregnancy

Born baby
Pregnancy in adolescence is less than the burden of newborn infants of normal women, which are harmful to the health of the child. The possibility of giving birth to infant and infant baby by adolescent pregnant women is more likely to cause serious hazards such as newborn infant death.

Length and height
The teenage girls whose weight is less than 37 kg and height 145 cm in pregnancy They are considered to be in the scope of risk in pregnancy, because in this situation, their physical structure has been developing. Which can lead to obstruction during delivery, which is dangerous for both the mother and child's health.

The risk of infection in adolescents is more due to delivery. This danger increases even more when the delivery is not done without the care of the doctor or at the right place. During this, the risk of infection caused by tetanus and bacteria becomes more and more.

Sufficient nutrition is required during pregnancy but in our country, millions of girls are bound to give birth to the child in the state of malnutrition and lack of blood. Which is dangerous for both the child and the mother's health. In a young age, the body requires more nutrition and at the same time pregnancy becomes difficult to provide equal nutrition to both the fetus and the mother.

Prolonged health problems
Problems during this time of adolescence can affect the teenager for a long time. As the reproductive system can cause damage. Suffering during childbirth can be permanent. There may be any type of infection or there is a possibility of uterine ruptures.

Pregnancy occurs in adolescence many times, causing anxiety and abortion, which can be harmful to the health of the teenager. Along with health problems, there may be many reasons for death.

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